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Ukraine has long been known for its ancient culture, unique traditions, openness and hospitality of its residents. Any place holds mysteries and beauty sights date back to deep history.
Since ancient times, when most religious cultures were founded and flourishing, our country has been and is now a homeland for many sacred places: Sofiya Kievskaya, Kiev Pechersk Lavra are famous historical and architectural reserves. However, apart from them, there are many other monuments in Ukraine that may tell about Christian baptizing, fight with vagrant tribes, ancient antique cities and lots of other significant historic events. Outdoor museums will carry you back through many centuries and magnificent fortresses will wake up the belligerent spirit of Middle Ages.
A marvelous beauty at any season is a unique feature of our land. Each season brings uniqueness and abundance of urban and rural landscapes. Nature has generously endowed Ukraine with herbal healing properties, therapeutic muds, pure mountain air and incredible energetics. There are sand and pebble beaches suited to every fancy on the coasts of the Black and Azov seas. Skiing in the Carpathians will bring real pleasure from speed, and rest on lakes and rivers at the forest belt will give you calmness, strength and self-confidence.

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